Camp Info

This year we are celebrating our 11th Gordon Stobbe Camp! 

Shivering Strings Music Camp officially begins with a Welcome! reception on Friday evening.  Instructors are introduced and we have an informal jam session.  There will be cake and a cash bar. All campers, as well as immediate family, are welcome for this event.

This year we will have a Master Fiddler class in addition to our regular fiddle classes. This Master Class is for very advanced students only.  To participate in this class, you:

        1) will have no music in advance; you must be able to learn music by ear in the class
        2) must easily play keys with 4 flats or 4 sharps
        3) must be able to play in 3rd position
        4) must be comfortable with vibrato

Saturday and Sunday mornings begin with musical warmups, then classes.  Each group of fiddlers will have three fiddle classes each day. 

Participants registered for the Accompaniment class - Guitar/mandolin/etc. - will spend class times with Skip Holmes.

This year we are offering a Keyboarding class.  Participants registered for the Keyboard class, will spend class times with Kim Holmes.

            Note: Accompaniment and Keyboarding classes are dependent on sufficient enrolment. 

There will also be a combined class of ALL campers in the afternoon to go over parts for the orchestra piece and a group rehearsal of tunes taught during the day.

Saturday evening there will be an Instructors' Concert and Dance.  This event is open to camp participants (no charge), family and friends ($20 adults and $5 children).

Sunday afternoon ends with a final session where all of the music for camp is played.  All participants will play the simpler tunes and all players can play parts of the more complex tunes. This event is open to family and friends at no charge.

Tentative Camp Schedule

Registration fee includes:
   - Online access to all camp music audio clips and PDF sheet music
   - Friday welcome reception & jam
   - Instructional sessions Sat & Sun
- AM & PM coffee breaks Sat & Sun
   - Saturday lunch
   - Saturday Instructors' Concert & Dance
   - Sunday lunch
   - Sunday closing Jam-cert
   - Book of camp sheet music (provided at Camp)

Note – camp registration does not include accommodation. Campers must arrange accommodation directly with the hotel.

Room rate is $130.99 plus tax for up to 2 people. Any additional person is $10.00 up to 4 people per room and includes a full hot breakfast  When you call BW Glengarry (1-800-567-4276) request a room in the Shivering Strings Block. Our rooms are guaranteed until January 7, so make sure you book before then. The past 2 years the hotel filled early and expectation is the same for this year. 
Make sure you specify Shivering Strings Block
as our rooms are inside the main building where all sessions will be held.